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Sunday, January 13, 2019

So,  here we are, already in the middle of 2019. I'd love to say I have some exciting news to share, but, unfortunately, I don't. Of course, no news is considered good news, so I've got no complaints.

I'm looking forward - way forward - to the publication of my next book, HOLD BACK THE DAWN. I've written a lot of books and this is one of my favorites. I also love the cover.

I'm currently finishing up my current work-in-progress, which has been really fun to write. No idea when it will be published, as I haven't yet submitted it to my editor at Zebra. Hopefully, she'll love it.

You can read excerpts from Hold Back the Dawn, as well as from all my other books at and

You can also enter my monthly contest for a chance to win an autographed book.

I hope you have a wonderful, blessed, happy, healthy New Year.



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