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Sunday, September 18, 2016


I am so upset. NBC in their stupidity, has decided to cancel GRIMM, which is my fav show and one of the few I NEVER MISS. We have never missed an episode. I have bought all the seasons on DVD to date. Not only are they cancelling it, they are producing fewer episodes and not airing them until January, instead of October.

The CW has cancelled Beauty and the Beast, my other favorite show.  At least they ended the show and gave the characters a Happy Ever After, unlike the idiots who cancelled Moonlight and left us hanging with several plot points unresolved. Stations would HAVE to tie up all the loose ends before they can cancel a show!!!!!

As all my favs go the way of the Dodo, the stations continued to produce reality shows, as nauseum (not sure if that is spelled right) The only I watch is Dancing with the Stars and only because Max and Val are on it.

I don't like cop shows - how many versions of NCIS can they make?

I'm not into zombies. YUCK! Unless they're on Grimm

On to happier things. I have a new book coming out soon. It's a sequel to Quinn's Lady, which was a sequel to Donovan's Woman. This one is titled Quinn's Revenge, and I love it.

Wishing you all a blessed Sabbath.



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