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Friday, May 08, 2015

Good grief

What is wrong with the writers of the Vampire Diaries? Of course, I haven't read the books, so maybe they're following the text. I don't know. All I know is, I am growing more and more frustrated with this show.

I mean, seriously, can't we have ONE happy ending? I'm surprised the characters don't all kill themselves - no one is ever happy for long. So, they killed a character last night - being the Vampire Diaries, I supppose there's a possibility she'll come back to life....and then there's the whole Damon/Elena relationship. Just when you think they MIGHT be happy - something comes along to muck it up.

End of rant...

I went to see the new Avengers and I loved it, but..............

In their quest to do more, they did too much. Too many characters. Too many battles. I know these are action films, but it would be nice to spend a little quiet time with the characters - I don't mean 60 seconds between the Hulk and Black Widow (I don't read the comic books, so I  never saw that coming) but a little time for the characters to bond.....yes, I know, they did a little of that in the beginning, but then it's non-stop action sprinkled with a few laughs....More is always better. It's just more.


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