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Tuesday, October 08, 2019

The Latest News

Been a busy few months. I finished what is probably my last Children of the Night book, which is Father Lazoni's story. If you're familiar with the books, you know he played a minor role in the first 7 books, so I thought he needed a story of his own. I'm happy with the way it turned out.

I'm currently working on a sequel to Everlasting Desire, which is a sequel to Everlasting Kiss. The main reason I wrote this book was to spend time with Rhys Costain, who's featured in the first two books. He's one of my favorite characters.

My next book, Enchant the Night, is, I think, one of my best books. Too bad my editor has given it the worst cover ever. I tried and tried to get them to change it because I think the guy on the front looks like a surly cowboy instead of a sexy vampire. There are no words to describe my disappointment. Being able to have cover approval is one of the reasons I love self-publishing. My cover artist, Cynthia, has given me some great covers for my re-issued books.

In February, Zebra is publishing an eBook bundle of the first 3 or 4 books in my Children of the Night series.

A few months ago, they published The Vampires of Morgan Creek, which holds As Twilight Falls, Twilight Dreams and Twilight Desires.

Hard to believe it's almost Halloween. Thanksgiving and Christmas can't be far behind -- the stores are overflowing with holiday decorations!!!!

Happy Fall!


Monday, May 27, 2019

The World is Going Insane

Okay, enough is enough I never thought I'd hear so many ridiculous things in my life.

Men being allowed in the Ladies bathroom.

People deciding whether to be male or female. Sorry, you are what God made you.

People deciding if they want to be German or Mexican or whatever.

All this talk about toxic masculinity. Where would we be without strong males who are self-confident? Give me an alpha male every time.

What's with all these idiots trying to do away with gender in our language? The word "man" is commonly used to refer to ALL PEOPLE. the word "mankind" does not apply solely to men but to the human race.

I heard on TV the other day that feminists are now complaining that the kiss the Prince gave Sleeping Beauty was non-consensual. Well, duh, she was under a spell. How was she supposed to give her consent? And does anyone think she would have refused? 

Some loon on Fox thinks we should do away with old saying like "All your Eggs in One Basket" and replace it with "All Your Flowers in One Basket." I can't remember her reasoning, but all I could do was shake my head.

Political correctness is ruining our nation and driving me crazy!

Thursday, March 07, 2019

Round 2

Hi again ~ My book made it to Round 2 in the All Author Cover contest. If you's so inclined, please vote again. It only takes 2 quick clicks of your mouse :)


Thanks, again!!!


Monday, March 04, 2019

Votes Needed

I don't know if you're familiar with AllAuthor, but it's a site for authors and readers. They are currently having a cover contest. Out of the covers listed for March, the 100 to receive the most votes will move on to Round 2. I would love your vote. It's quick and easy. Simply click on the link, then click on the cover. My book is SEASONS OF THE NIGHT.

Cover Contest

Thanks in advance.

In other news, I'm in negotiations with my publisher for a new, three-book contest. 

I've also started a new book, a proposed sequel to NIGHT'S SURRENDER. The story is about Father Lanzoni. He's been a character in all of the Night books and I've always wanted to write his story. Wish me luck!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


Saturday, February 16, 2019

TV Rant

So, I used to be a BIG fan of Last Man Standing. In fact, it is one of the three shows currently on tv that I watch these days (other than M*A*S*H and Frasier reruns) So, I was thrilled when I heard it was coming back.....until I saw the new Mandy. I'm sure she's a very nice person, but she will NEVER be Mandy. IMO, she's not funny at all and and there is absolutely NO chemistry between her and Kyle. Personally, I think they should have written Mandy out of the show - sent her to NY or something - and kept Eve.

I don't think I've missed any of the new season but in the most recent episode I realized there was also a new Carol. Did I miss something?

I know there's a new Boyd, but kids grow up so that happens from time to time and doesn't bother me.

Sadly, Eve is mostly gone, though she makes an appearance now and then.

It didn't bother me when they changed Kristen's for some reason. Not sure why.

I think it's sad when the best shows on TV are reruns.

My other complaint, about TV in general, is that commercials seem to be getting longer and longer!
I hate all those little ads with people talking about this product or that. Nobody believes them. Why don't companies just say, "This is our product. It works. Try it." Plexiderm is the worst of all. Those ads must be 5 minutes long. Thank goodness for the mute button!!!!

Geico, stick with the lizard!

Progressive, stop trying to be funny. You're not.

And all those commercials for medications that come with 5 minutes worth of side effects. Sheesh, why would anyone want to try something that could not only cause dozens of side effects, but "may cause death"?

Speaking of reruns, why do movies insist are remaking old movies? You can't beat the original casts in True Grit. Or Overboard. Or Ghostbusters. Or the Magnificent Seven. These are classics.

Okay, enough complaining. I feel better now.

Happy Spring!

Wednesday, January 23, 2019


I've heard of some ripoffs in my day. But here's a new one. I got a letter from Spectrum today informing me that in mid-February we would be losing the Movie Channel and Cinemax .

I called and asked if that meant my bill would be less and was informed that even though I would be getting fewer channels, my bill would remain the same. 

However, if I wanted to keep these two channels, I could pay an additional $9.99 per channel. 

This seems totally unfair to me. You'd think, if we was getting fewer channels, our bill would be less. But no, we'll be paying the same amount for less. I ask you, does this seem fair?

I currently pay $119.99 for all the premium channels. Now, if I want to keep these two, I'll have to pay $139.99. That's an extra $239.76 a year!!!!!
Not happening!

I am, to say the least, upset!!!!!!!!!!  Perhaps a long soak in a hot bubble bath with help. But I doubt it!

Mad Mandy, really Mad!

Sunday, January 13, 2019

So,  here we are, already in the middle of 2019. I'd love to say I have some exciting news to share, but, unfortunately, I don't. Of course, no news is considered good news, so I've got no complaints.

I'm looking forward - way forward - to the publication of my next book, HOLD BACK THE DAWN. I've written a lot of books and this is one of my favorites. I also love the cover.

I'm currently finishing up my current work-in-progress, which has been really fun to write. No idea when it will be published, as I haven't yet submitted it to my editor at Zebra. Hopefully, she'll love it.

You can read excerpts from Hold Back the Dawn, as well as from all my other books at and

You can also enter my monthly contest for a chance to win an autographed book.

I hope you have a wonderful, blessed, happy, healthy New Year.


Wednesday, December 05, 2018

I can't believe there's a group of idiots who are protesting the cartoon, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and the song, Baby, it's Cold Outside, which was written back in 1944. Why aren't these people protesting the nudity, violence, and profanity in today's movies? Or the lyrics in rap songs?

Then PETA thinks we should stop using phrases like "Bring home the bacon" and "More than one way to skin a cat" and "All your eggs in one basket."

They want to replace them with "Bring home the bagels" and "More than one way to peel a potato" and "All your flowers in one bowl."


The world is in turmoil. People in California have lost their homes, loved ones and pets in the worst fire ever. Hundreds of babies are being murdered by Planned Parenthood and these people are upset over a cartoon and song lyrics?


Saturday, October 13, 2018

Fall in is the Air

So, here we are, in the middle of October. Can Christmas be far behind? Probably not, since decorations are already in most of the stores!!!!

The rights to three of my old books have reverted to me. At the moment, they are out of print, but will soon be reissued with new covers.

These two will be available soon. Immortal Sins will follow.

I'm currently working on a new book, which I love. You can read an excerpt on my web site -

Hope you have a Happy Halloween filled with marshmallow ghosts and chocolate vampires!!!


Thursday, August 30, 2018

What's New....

So, here it is, August already.

I've been busy working on a new anthology of short stories -  all of which I've written. It was really fun to write.

I also have a new book out this month.

Twilight Desires is the 3rd book in my Morgan Creek series. I would love to write another one, as I'm crazy about the hero from the first story, As Twilight Falls, which is why I wrote this book and the previous one, Twilight Dreams. I just can't get enough of Saintcrow.

I'm currently working on a new book, which I love so far!

I don't know about you, but I'm ready for winter. And for the next season of Poldark and Stranger Things.

Wishing you chocolate and good books!