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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Nothing much to say

Well, it's Sunday....kind of cool and cloudy in my corner of the world. My husband is out mowing the yard, something that takes a day or two. We have a lot of grass!

I'm hard at work on my fifth, and probably last, book in my Night series. Another 40,000 words and I can type "the end", and boy, will I be glad! This book has not been an easy one. Hopefully, it will be worth it!

My tortoise is growing. He (or she) is 3 years old, weighs about a pound, and is 6 inches long. I think he's cute. What do you think?

He's a great pet. Doesn't eat much. Doesn't bark. Doesn't take up much space. We used to have two, but one was always a little sickly, and it died when it was only a few months old.

We also have a mean cat and a spoiled Pomeranian.

Hope you're having a happy and blessed Sabbath.