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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

So, we are in the homestretch to a new year. Unbelievable!!!!!   

It's been a pretty good year, although I hear book and ebook sales are down - not sure what's behind that, but I've seen a sharp decline in my sales. Never good news for an author. And I've heard similar complaints from other writers, so I know it's not just my books. 

I'm looking forward to the publication of Night's Surrender next September. This will probably be the last book in my Children of the Night series, as my editor has informed me that vampire books are no longer doing well. Nevertheless, I think this might be my favorite book in the series, as the characters from past books are also in this one. 

My latest book is titled Love's Sweet Embrace, a teen romance I wrote many years ago. I tried to upload the cover, but, again, no success. However, you can find it on Amazon.  I'm currently working on a sequel to As Twilight Falls. Wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving!