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Wednesday, June 07, 2017

The half-way Point

So, it's already June. I think I must have slept through a month or two, because it seems like it was just March!!!!

Lots of changes in the past few months. One of my publishers went out of business. The books were reverted to me and now I'm just waiting to see them reissued with new covers.

My latest book, A FIRE IN THE BLOOD, is out now. It got a wonderful review from Fresh Fiction, which said:

A FIRE IN THE BLOOD is an exciting vampire romance with a slew of fascinating paranormal characters -- the good, the bad, and the unequivocally evil. There is a fair amount of excitement and suspense in A FIRE IN THE BLOOD, but the romance remains paramount. Amanda Ashley builds the sexual tension between Tessa and Andrei as the story progresses. There are several weddings in A FIRE IN THE BLOOD -- ranging from the sweet, the unusual yet poignant, and the bloody. Shape-shifters make appearance in A FIRE IN THE BLOOD, and I'd love to see more Amanda Ashley stories with these types of characters.
You can see the full review on my web page @

My next book, TWILIGHT DESIRES, is the third book in my Morgan Creek series. The first two are As Twilight Falls and Twilight Dreams, both available now. The new book will be available next year.

I'm currently working on a new book, which I love. It's a historical vampire romance and I love the setting and the characters, especially the hero, of course. No title at this time.

I guess that's all the news for now. 

Hope life is being kind to you and those you love.