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Friday, March 08, 2013

Time to Rant

So, I've been watching The Vampire Diaries since day 1, and loved it, especially Damon, but hey, what's not to love? The story was interesting - a teenage triangle. Two brothers in love with the same girl. Other characters were also interesting - Tyler and Matt, Jeremy and Jenna, Caroline and her mother, Bonnie and her grams. And Katherine, of course.  The plot was tight and I couldn't wait for Thursday nights.

But now, I hate to say, I'm losing interest in the show. There are too many characters. Too much blood. Too much death. I could live with that, but now, except for Matt (why doesn't he leave town?) there are no "good" guys left. Even Elena is a killer.

I find it increasingly ridiculous that anyone can be killed and revived and killed again. I mean, it seems like whenever the writers run out of ideas, they just kill someone, though few people stay dead. Enough already!

I wish the writers would get back to the core cast, get rid of Klaus and his messed-up family, bring back Tyler, let someone have a happy life.

I know a show needs tension, but, IMO, it's getting harder and harder to like these people when they've all become murderers, sometimes a dozen at a time!!!!