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Thursday, January 25, 2007


I went for a walk this morning. I love walking through my neighborhood. Lots of things to see - horses and dogs, goats, donkeys, an occasional sheep. Plus, the people are friendly and always say hello. I passed one lady and when I asked her how she was, she replied, "I'm blessed", and I thought what a wonderful response that was.

"I'm blessed." As I reflected on those words, I thought about the blessings in my life that I take for granted ~ a comfortable home; food on the table; good friends and a wonderful family who add love and laughter to my life; a beautiful world; the freedom to worship as I see fit; good health; a cute dog, a contrary cat, and a baby tortoise; my talent, such as it is, to write; and a Savior who loves me.

Have you taken time lately to count your blessings?


Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Well, I don't know how it is where you are, but it has been COLD here!!!! Cold for California, anyway. Most of our trees are black from frostbite, and our plants are looking pretty sick! I'm happy to say the weather has finally warmed up and the wind has stopped blowing. Speaking of really does howl! It blew down a power pole where my son lives, snapped tree branches everywhere, knocked over fences. It was wild!

Did you watch the Dresden Files on Sunday? It's a new series based on books by Jim Butcher. I love the books! Love the premise, love the hero, love the way Butcher writes, love his humor and the world he's created. If only the series were as good! I knew they would change some things for tv, but I guess I wasn't really prepared. Actually, if Harry's name had been changed, I'd never have known the show was based on Butcher's books.

In the books, "Bob" is a spirit that resides in a skull. In the series, Bob is still a spirit, I guess, but he's in the form of a man. Karrin Murphy, who is short, kind of perky, blond and divorced in the book, has dark hair and a 9 year old daughter in the series. Dresden, who drives a beat-up VW in the book, drives a Jeep in the series, and carries a hockey stick instead of a staff. That said, I'll keep watching the series, since there's nothing else on tv these days.

Guess I shouldn't complain. At least I now have one more show to watch. Considering that I only watch Two and a Half Men, LOST, Supernatural, and Ghost Whisperer, it's nice to have something else to look forward to. I'm still mourning the cancellation of Invasion and Surface.

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