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Thursday, January 25, 2007


I went for a walk this morning. I love walking through my neighborhood. Lots of things to see - horses and dogs, goats, donkeys, an occasional sheep. Plus, the people are friendly and always say hello. I passed one lady and when I asked her how she was, she replied, "I'm blessed", and I thought what a wonderful response that was.

"I'm blessed." As I reflected on those words, I thought about the blessings in my life that I take for granted ~ a comfortable home; food on the table; good friends and a wonderful family who add love and laughter to my life; a beautiful world; the freedom to worship as I see fit; good health; a cute dog, a contrary cat, and a baby tortoise; my talent, such as it is, to write; and a Savior who loves me.

Have you taken time lately to count your blessings?



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