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Friday, May 16, 2014

Gone are the Days...

I received my new TV Guide today and read through the previews of new shows....and thought it was so sad that there wasn't ONE show that I wanted to see. Not one!!!!

I think the only new show I watched this year was Intelligence, and it's been canceled. I can't imagine why. It has a great cast, interesting characters, and an amazing, plausible plot, and yet, like Moonlight, it's gone. And so is the show that took its place.

I was glad to see that they at least renewed The Mentalist, which I love, and Castle, which I have just recently discovered. In fact, I bought the first three seasons and have been binge-watching. It is remarkably similar to The Mentalist, which may be why I like it. And I'm thrilled that Beauty and the Beast will be back!!!!!

These are the shows I watch ~

Dancing With the Stars

The Originals
Person of Interst
Arrow -  a recent addiction
The Vampire Diaries
Hawaii 5-0 (on my computer, since it's on at the same time as Grimm)
Once Upon a Time
The Mentalist

And during the week, lots of Frasier reruns.

I am giving serious thought to dropping The Originals. I know I write vampire books, but this show is just too bloody for me. Not to mention that their vampires, and the ones on The Vampire Diaries, are the sloppiest eaters I've ever seen.

TV shows get worse every year. I love comedies, but these days they're just not funny. It's a sad thing when Frasier reruns are more amusing than just about anything else. Maybe today's writers should take a look at Dick Van Dyke, MASH, and Cheers. These shows are timeless. And still funny today.

Thankfully, I have a gazillion DVDs to entertain me.

Thursday, May 01, 2014

Random thoughts about The Vampire Diaries

So, I just got through watching the latest episode of The Vampire Diaries...which, in my opinion, has never been as good as the first year, when we just had the Big 3 and their friends and family. The last couple of season have strained credibility. I mean, seriously, how many times can you kill the same person before death becomes meaningless? One of your favorite characters gets killed? Don't worry about it. Like the Terminator, they'll be back.

My other favorite season was when Damon and Elena fell in love. The kiss, when it finally came, was worth waiting for.

My other complaint about the show is that there's simply too many ripped out hearts and too much blood. Yes, I know, they're vampires, but sheesh, do they have to eat like pigs?

I write vampire books, but when my vampires feed, they don't have blood running out of their mouths and down their chins. A little finesse would be nice.

If it wasn't for Damon, I probably would have stopped watching at Season 3.

The best part of tonight's episode was, of course, the kiss between Damon and Elena. I guess what I want is a little less blood and gore and a lot more romance.

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