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Thursday, March 20, 2008

A happy ending...............

Well, I knew there was something wrong with my computer. It took a long time to download anything, when I went from one page to another, the windows overlapped, when I typed in my Word program, the letters didn't appear until I STOPPED typing, but I put up with it because it's such a pain to remove the hutch from my desk, pull the desk out, and unhook the computer. Then, on Monday, I got a message saying I had a virus. I tried to remove the virus. It wouldn't let me. I tried to remove the program that contained the virus. It wouldn't lety me. So, I took the computer down to get it fixed, thinking it would take a week or so. They called me the next day and told me if was fixed. I considered it $129 well spent.

Hooked up the computer. Put my desk back together. Signed on. Everything was wonderful. Until I tried to sign off and got an error message. Repeatedly. I couldn't sign off. I couldn't restart the computer.

I called the repair place. They said bring it in.

I decided to call HP and see if they could help me over the phone. Yes, they could. For a one-time charge of $49, or a 1 year warranty for $99. With the promise that I could get a refund if the phone tech couldn't help me, I forked over the $99, and spent an hour and a half on the phone, while the guy from HP took over control of my computer. Well, that was an amazing thing, to sit back and watch my mouse move when I wasn't touching it.

To his credit, the HP tech fixed the problem I was having, along with a couple of other minor things I had discovered no longer worked after the computer was repaired.
Most surprising of all, the HP tech said he would call me back on Friday to make sure all my issues had been resolved. He was very nice, very patient with my questions, and very polite.

My computer is working fine. I am, again, a happy camper. Thank you, HP. It was worth the $99 not to have to unhook the computer and take my desk apart again.