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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Book Info

Just had to share the cover for my book, NIGHT'S PLEASURE. I love it! NIGHT'S PLEASURE is the 3rd book in my Night series.

I've also seen the cover for HAWK'S WOMAN, which will be available as an eBook from Cerridwen Press on July 10th, and in print in September. HAWK'S WOMAN was originally published by Signet Books, but it's been out of print for quite some time.

My book, CHASE THE WIND, has been translated into Dutch. Has a really nice cover, too.

For those who have been asking when Madeline Baker will have a new book out, I'm delighted to announce that Cerridwen will be publishing my time travel, currently titled Shadows Through Time.

And that's all the news for now!


My new baby

I was out walking with my kids on Thursday when we found a baby bird in someone's driveway. Being soft-hearted, I couldn't just leave it lying there in the heat, so I took it home.

He (or she) is very tiny and very cute. I've found baby birds on several other occasions. None of them has ever survived more than a few days. I'm hoping this one will do better. He seems to be doing well, but with baby birds, you just never know.

Hope it's cool in your corner of the world. We're meling in Southern California!!!!!

Monday, June 09, 2008


I received my first review for NIGHT'S MASTER, and thought I'd share it. Online reviewer, Amanda Killgore, said:

"Almost immediately, Kathy McKenna and Rafe Cordova are drawn together, and not just because the lovely bookstore owner can sense paranormal beings, such as vampires, which is what Rafe is. Despite all the good common sense arguments against getting involved, the two fall in love at the worst possible time, in the midst of a war between vampires and shape shifters and just as after a lull of a quarter century, hunters are on the rise again and more sinister than ever. This time, not only are were creatures and vampires in danger from them, but so are ordinary humans whose deaths could be useful. Love is a battle when your heart belongs to the undead.

How can a book be charmingly sweet yet edgy at the same time? I don't know how, but Amanda Ashley invariably makes it happen and in a unique way that keeps me impatient for her next book. The family ties she forms that provide the foundations of her worlds make you care about them, whether it's the Cordova family, or Edward the hunter turned vampire, or any other set. Night's Master is almost impossible to put down, but is also gentle enough to be relaxing. I love how she conveys the sensual without being graphic and how Rafe respects his lady's morals. We need more of that in this world, in both reality and fiction. My hat is off to my fellow Amanda."

Yes, I'm happy!!!!


Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Books and profanity....

As an author, I would never tell another writer what to write. As a reader, I am appalled by the language used in some of the books I've read lately. Granted, I hate profanity and rarely use it in my books. I cringe when I read the Lord's name used as a swear word. I hate the F word. All arguments to the contrary, I don't think there's any place for that word in any book with "romance" on the spine.

Having said that, I read a book by a very popular author that used a word I NEVER thought I would see in any book written by a woman. Of course, I can't write it here, and wouldn't if I could. I thought of writing to the publisher and voicing my opinion, but I can't make myself type the word on my computer. It was vile and totally unnecessary.

Many authors argue that they have to use the F word for "reality". However, I don't know anyone who reads a romance for reality. I believe most readers, like myself, read for escape, and the F word isn't something I want to escape to.

As for that other word, the author that used it has lost me as a fan.