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Saturday, June 21, 2008

My new baby

I was out walking with my kids on Thursday when we found a baby bird in someone's driveway. Being soft-hearted, I couldn't just leave it lying there in the heat, so I took it home.

He (or she) is very tiny and very cute. I've found baby birds on several other occasions. None of them has ever survived more than a few days. I'm hoping this one will do better. He seems to be doing well, but with baby birds, you just never know.

Hope it's cool in your corner of the world. We're meling in Southern California!!!!!


Blogger Jessica Kennedy said...

Good luck with the birdy!

We've done the same several times and none died.

Do you know what to feed it?

We always feed ours:
hard boiled egg chopped and stirred with baby (infant) (oatmeal) cereal and water, with a bit of sand or dirt. Followed by a drop or two of water from a syringe.

Try that if it's not what you've done in the past. They need feed about every two hours, just like a real infant!

Follow up and let us know how it works out!


6:52 AM  

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