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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Books and profanity....

As an author, I would never tell another writer what to write. As a reader, I am appalled by the language used in some of the books I've read lately. Granted, I hate profanity and rarely use it in my books. I cringe when I read the Lord's name used as a swear word. I hate the F word. All arguments to the contrary, I don't think there's any place for that word in any book with "romance" on the spine.

Having said that, I read a book by a very popular author that used a word I NEVER thought I would see in any book written by a woman. Of course, I can't write it here, and wouldn't if I could. I thought of writing to the publisher and voicing my opinion, but I can't make myself type the word on my computer. It was vile and totally unnecessary.

Many authors argue that they have to use the F word for "reality". However, I don't know anyone who reads a romance for reality. I believe most readers, like myself, read for escape, and the F word isn't something I want to escape to.

As for that other word, the author that used it has lost me as a fan.



Blogger Jessica Kennedy said...

Would love to know this book you speak of.

I usually am shocked at such words being used, however, I usually don't have a problem letting them flow right over me.

I don't use them in my life either.

Hope it wasn't an author I enjoy!

7:14 AM  

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