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Monday, December 03, 2007


I don't know who's in charge of programming or what idiots make the decisions these days, but another of my favorite programs is about to get the axe and it makes me so mad.

First the powers-that-be cancelled Invasion and Surface and Threshold and The Dresden Files, now they're about to cancel Blood Ties. I watch very little TV, so when they cancel a show I watch, it's really annoying. I'm beginning to think I'm the kiss of death. I like a show, the next thing you know, it's gone. It even happened with Beauty and the Beast. As soon as I started watching - BANG!, it's cancelled.

I can't believe the majority of people out there want to watch nothing but stupid reality shows and shallow, one-note comedies (and that note is sex, sex, sex).

I used to love Two and a Half Men, but it got so raunchy, I stopped watching. It will probably be on forever!



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