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Friday, November 30, 2007

Reviews for Dead Perfect

The first reviews are in and I'm happy and relieved that they are positive. I think part of being a writer is being horribly insecure! I always think my books are terrific when I'm writing them, then I read the galleys and I think, oh, no, this is the worst thing I've ever written!

Amanda Ashley knows vampires! DEAD PERFECT touched my heart with its fragile heroine who exhibits extraordinary bravery. Faced with a terminal illness, Shannah makes and follows through with a decision that terrifies her. Ronan has spent centuries alone, yet he is comfortable with his life. However, after meeting Shannah, Ronan realizes exactly what has been missing, love in all its myriad aspects. Ashley writes a very sexy, sensual love story without the graphic sex scenes so prevalent in today’s romances. If you’re looking for a paranormal romance with a hero who is gallant and just a bit old-fashioned, look no further. DEAD PERFECT is perfectly suitable for all ages. Ashley’s talent truly shines in this wonderful book
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Because she is dying, Shannah seeks out Ronan, a vampire, and asks for the Dark Trick, thinking to trade a death sentence for Undeath. Though he denies her request, Ronan does want to keep the tragic beauty in his life. He can preserve her with doses of his blood, while at the same time using her as a front for his alter ego, that of a female romance author. It was only supposed to be a job and perhaps an act of compassion, but of course, it becomes more. Yet, Ronan lives in a dangerous world and Shannah is on borrowed time. What future can they have?

Both poignant and at times, funny, this story once again affirms Ms. Ashley as truly adept at her craft. I love the concept of Ronan hiding behind Shannah to preserve his anonymity. This is a lovely, exciting tale you will fall in love with easily.

Amanda Killgore


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