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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Sinking into a pot of sleaze

I continue to be amazed at what passes for entertainment these days. For instance, the movie “Captivity” is rated R for “strong violence, torture, pervasive terror, grisly images, language, and some sexual material”. I can’t believe that this is anyone’s idea of entertainment. The same goes for the “Saw” movies, and others of that same ilk. I don’t know which is more troubling, the fact that Hollywood keeps making these sick movies, or that people (especially young, impressionable people) go to see them.

My other complaint is TV. Reality shows bore me to death. And then there are all those untalented people singing and dancing, not to mention those silly Survivor shows where no one is really in danger of anything except over-acting. I remember when it was hard to decide what to watch. That’s certainly not the problem these days. Out of the hundreds of shows on the air, I watch four of them. Most of the time, I watch reruns of old shows even though I have most of the dialogue memorized by now and don’t have to watch the screen to know what’s going on. TV has truly become the vast wasteland.

And then there are books...which are getting more and more graphic sexually and filled with more and more profanity.

I think we are slowly, sadly, sinking into a pit of sleaze and slime. Maybe it's happened so gradually, no one noticed, sort of like the frog who was placed in a pot of cold water. If the water had been hot, he would have jumped out right away. Instead, the water got hotter a little at a time and he was cooked before he knew it.



Blogger Cassie said...

I agree with you on many points here. TV is hard to stomach at times. I wondered how they could show American History X since I believe something in the neighborhood of 90% of the film would be edited. Yet I have discovered a few good channels, like the Hallmark Channel. It helps me remember how much I love westerns. I love TV Land! I've always thought that reality shows should emulate the Japanese novel/movie Battle Royale and see how much people like it then, but knowing the way things are now Robert Bloch's short story "Die Nasty" would become a reality where death becomes real entertainment.

Profanity is something I don't like because I like when people find creative ways to insult each other without resorting to course humor. Literary classics are great for these! As for the erotica... I'm torn. If it's well written I don't mind it so much.

Movies are a dilemma. I liked the Saw movies for reasons of seeing to what lengths people will go to survive, but I didn't like Hostel at all. For all the happy ending movies that are out, there needs to be something dark, I guess. Something where we sit on the edge of our seats with popcorn waiting to be scared, waiting for the pumping adrenaline to course through our veins.

I've always been a fan of horror/thriller movies. Yet I like all movies so I'll just as easily squeal when Scarlett O'Hara and Rhett Butler share a romantic moment as I will cheer for the 300 Spartans while they hack up the Persian army.

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