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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Book Info

Just had to share the cover for my book, NIGHT'S PLEASURE. I love it! NIGHT'S PLEASURE is the 3rd book in my Night series.

I've also seen the cover for HAWK'S WOMAN, which will be available as an eBook from Cerridwen Press on July 10th, and in print in September. HAWK'S WOMAN was originally published by Signet Books, but it's been out of print for quite some time.

My book, CHASE THE WIND, has been translated into Dutch. Has a really nice cover, too.

For those who have been asking when Madeline Baker will have a new book out, I'm delighted to announce that Cerridwen will be publishing my time travel, currently titled Shadows Through Time.

And that's all the news for now!



Blogger Meg Allison said...

Beautiful covers, Mandy! I love them.

2:01 PM  

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