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Monday, September 28, 2015

Long time between posts

So.....Summer is supposed to be over, but you'd never know it, not when the weather on Saturday was 100 degrees, with no relief in sight.

Been a busy few months. My NY publisher bought the rights to my short story Twilight Dreams. I just finished rewriting the first draft and I'm pretty happy with it. For one thing, it's longer. For another, there are a few new characters and plot twists. I believe it will be published in September of next year.

In stores now, Night's Surrender, book 7 in the Children of the Night series.

You can get a sneak peek at this book and what I'm currently working on at

The rights to several of my old Baker historical romances have reverted to me. They have been given new covers (which I love) and are now available on Amazon. They are:

Reckless Heart, Reckless Love, Reckless Desire, Reckless Embrace
Wolf Shadow
Hawk's Woman
Lakota Long
Cheyenne Surrender
Apache Flame

You can check them out at

Hard to believe that Halloween is right around the corner, with Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year not far behind!

May the Good Lord smile upon you and give you peace.



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