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Sunday, June 14, 2009


Well, I had a brilliant idea the other day. I discovered I needed to change the name of one of my characters in an upcoming book since I had already ued the name Jason twice - in "Masquerade" and "Immortal Sins" - and I decided using the same name 3 times was a bit much. So.... I sent out a newsletter asking for suggestions.

Oh, my, did I get suggestions! I've never received so much mail!!!! Of course, I want to thank all those who responded. You sent a lot of names I really liked but felt just didn't work for one reason or another. For instance:

Damien was suggested many times, but it reminds me of "The Omen" and that creeped me out.

Armand is a good name, but is too well-known in books by Anne Rice.

Nicolas has been used too many times in too many other books.

Of course, a lot of the names suggested were names I've already used in other books ~ Ethan, Gabriel, Rourke, Alexander, Jesse, Matthew, Luke, Rafael, Michael, Morgan, Caleb, Ryder, Grigori, Dominic, Antonio, Vince, Erik. And Rhys, which is my hero's name in my current work-in-progress.

At the moment, I'm leaning heavily toward Logan (I used it in a western, but that was many years ago).

Hope life is being good to you and yours.



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