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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

So, tomorrow is December 1st! The season of giving ~ giving money, that is. It's time to pay property taxes, time to think about getting income tax stuff together, figuring up estimated tax payments...buying Christmas presents is the least expensive part of the month!

I think winter is here! It was cold, cold, cold and windy over this past weekend. I have a Pomeranian who probably weighs 9 pounds soaking wet. I was afraid she was going to blow away! Last time the wind blew like this, two of the trees in my son's backyard fell down. Now, that's windy!

Been doing a little Christmas shopping. No easy task. I have a ton of people to buy presents for. Good thing I love shopping.

Still haven't seen Finding Neverland :(

Bought Spiderman 2 on DVD today. Do you remember when movies didn't come with numbers? Do you remember when Hollywood made movies that were original and didn't remake movies that didn't need remaking, or make movies from TV shows that weren't all that great to begin with? Do you remember when there were decent shows on tv that were actually funny? Do you think we'll ever see the end of reality tv shows? I don't watch them and I wish they would go away!

Insert heavy sigh here.

Okay, time to go and see if my Muse will kick in so I can get some writing done.

Keep smiling :)



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