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Saturday, November 20, 2004

Another Saturday Night....

Well, another week has come and gone. Amazing how fast the year goes by once you get to August. Just a hop, skip and a jump to another new year.

We went to see "National Treasure" today. Other than the fact that I cannot abide Nicholas Cage, who is, in my opinion, the worst actor on the screen today, and the fact that the movie was totally unbelievable from start to finish, I thought it was really good. It was fast, it was fun, it was clean, and had some unexpected laughs.

Am I the only one who thinks there’s very little worth watching on TV these days? About the only shows I watch are "Everybody Loves Raymond" and "Two and a Half Men". Seems like nowadays, everything is "reality tv" which I don’t watch, or sitcoms with lots of sexual inuendoes and no plot, or shows like CSI, which I don’t care for. Yes, I miss the good old days, when sitcoms were amusing without being dirty.

My favorite tv shows seem to be mostly comedies….

The Dick Van Dyke Show
The Andry Griffith Show (only the black and white ones)
Spin City
Two and a Half Men
Family Ties
The Yellow Rose (not sure if that was the title)
Star Trek (the original series only)
I’m sure I’ve missed a few….

And I’m wondering what’s up in Hollywood. Have they run out of original ideas? I see now they’re making a movie out of "Bewitched". Are they going to turn all the old tv shows into movies? Hey, Hollywood, I’ve got 30 westerns and a half-dozen or so vampire books if you’re looking for something new and fresh!!!!!



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