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Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Well, summer arrived with a vengeance here in sunny California. It's been in the high 90s to 100 for the last week and a half. I hate it!

Lots of things going on, publishing-wise:

I have a short story coming out in a new anthology titled The Mammoth Book of Time-Travel Romance. My story, Catch the Lightning, is a sequel to my book, Chase the Lightning.

My never-before-published time travel book, Shadows Through Time, will be out next month from Cerridwen Press, first as an eBook and then in paperback. Cerridwen is also publishing 3 of my old short stories. One of them, Heart of the Hunter, will be out as a single book. The other two stories, Loving Sarah and Loving Devlin, will be combined into one book titled Love's Serenade.

My next vampire romance, Immortal Sins, will be out in October, followed by EVERLASTING KISS in February and its sequel, which I just finished, hopefully in October.

I've started two new stories....will have to see which one "jells".

Mandy, melting in California


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