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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Edward vs Jacob

I’m re-reading New Moon and wondering why Bella loved Edward. She never really had any fun with him. Oh, sure, she thought he was the most gorgeous thing on the planet and she was fascinated by him, but they never had any fun together, not the way she did with Jake.

She didn’t want to go to the prom, but Edward made her.
She didn’t want a birthday party, but Edward insisted and she got hurt. And then, after she got hurt from something he wanted, he left her.
When he didn’t want her to see Jacob, he had Alice kidnap her.

On the other hand, Jake let Bella be Bella. He respected her feelings and her wishes, he didn’t patronize her, but, most of all, he made her laugh. She was at ease with Jacob, she felt at home with him and his family. He loved her in a much more positive, healthy, human way, whereas Edward is obsessive and controlling.

Edward’s lips are cold, his body is cold, his skin is hard.
Jacob is warm and cuddly, with human emotions.

With apologies to Team Edward, I think she would have been happier with Jacob. Besides, he's smokin' hot


Blogger Grammy Staffy said...

I agree completely. That is exactly what I thought when I read New Moon. I am glad that your vampires are not hard and cold.

drop by my blog and give me some advice...after all you are a romantic writer...John has found a new honey and I don't know what I should do...enlighten me.

6:02 PM  
Blogger Crystal Adkins said...

You know, you're right... but my vampire writer is going werewolf! LOL
Maybe they'll have more fun on their honeymoon LOL!

6:25 AM  
Blogger jacqueline said...

Are you talking about movie jacob or book jacob ? Either way Edward in the movie and book are way hotter than jacob could hope to be ! We'll have to agree to diagree here . Jacob was never going to be more than a friend to bella no matter what you or team jacob members think! Stephanie meyer put him in there to make the series longer. Anyway jacob is with bella so he can imprint on her daugther renesme

8:31 AM  
Blogger Amanda Nelson said...

So I own/have read the books and watched the movies and I'm not like crazy about Twilight but I do like it. And I have and always will be TEAM JACOB! I'm TEAM Jacob because not only does Edward leave Bella...for dumb reason btw..but he just doesnt seem right for me atleast. Jacob and her have history as kids, their parents know one another and your right...HE IS HOOOTTTTTT! I feel soo sorry for him when Bella picks Edward over him. It makes me hate Bella the way she treats at me getting all heated over a book :)

9:46 PM  

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