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Wednesday, July 21, 2010


No doubt about it, vacations are wonderful - except for packing and unpacking the camper!

We went up to Northern California to Lake Almanor. Beautiful country up there. Millions of trees, lots of rivers and streams and lakes, blue sky.

There was still snow on the group in the higher elevations. Amazing. It's 90 degrees and the kids are having snowball fights.

Nothing like camping to make you realize how wonderful home is. The things I missed most were: flush toilets, hot running water, my bathtub, sleeping in my own bed, and my computer.

But, as Dorothy said, there's no place like home. How true that is. And how big home looks after spending a week in the camper. Gave me a new appreciation for my dishwasher, washer and dryer, and....well, everything!!!!!


Anonymous Julie Jernigan said...

Well, I hear ya about that. My parents used to take me camping when I was little. I was so glad to get home. I don't do the camping thing now that I am older (I turn 43 Sept 4).

However, your vacation sounded wonderful. I have never been there but it sounds awesome!!!


7:39 PM  
Blogger Mandy said...

I can handle staying in the camper for a few days once a year :)

9:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I grew up spending most of the summers either in the mountains (Alberta Rockies) or traveling (with the truck & camper) all over the place. I don't get to do that much now and I really miss it.

I know exactly what you mean though about "there's no place like home". I love going on a vacation, but it is nice to come back home. I just wish when I got back home I wouldn't have to go back to work too. lol!

Sounds like you had a good time.

9:27 PM  
Blogger Mandy said...

We did have a good time. Impossible not to when my kids are there

9:56 PM  
Blogger Grammy Staffy said...

It sounds like a great trip. However, I know what you mean about appreciating being home. We just got back from camping in Wyoming with our kids. Our 5th wheel seems to get smaller each year as more and more grandkids want to pile into it to play.

Drop over to my blog and see our new surprise... my best birthday present ever!

Welcome back home.

8:35 AM  
Blogger Mandy said...

Lura ~ There's just no place like home :)

10:50 AM  
Anonymous pat said...

We used to go camping WAY back when. It seemed like such an adventure, living in a tent. I'm glad I was able to have the experience, but I probably wouldn't enjoy it so much now. I think I would rather relax at home, and read one of your books!

9:18 AM  

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