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Friday, September 16, 2011

Vampire Diaries Rant

Well, you all know I love the Vampire Diaries, but I have a terrible feeling it's going to go the way of Supernatural, and before long, I won't be watching it....It seems to be getting increasingly gory. And showing decapitated heads - I don't know, is that really necessary? I know they did it last year, too, and I wasn't crazy about it then. I'm also not a big fan of women parading around in their underwear. I think it's demeaning and just a ploy to get guys to watch a chick flick.

I used to love Supernatural, but then, they went way over the top as far as I'm concerned. Of course, maybe they want to appeal to the 18-40 guy crowd. I know it no longer appeals to me, Dean or no Dean. All that angel stuff just seemed a little blasphemous to me, and the blood and gore....sorry, I don't think that's entertaining.

I don't know why producers and directors can't leave well enough alone, but they always feel like they have to top whatever came before.

A good case in point is Pirates of the Caribbean. The first one was great! The next two were, in my opinion, awful. The last one was a little better. Less special effects, less story threads, more character-driven. Now that they seem to be back on track, I hope they make another one.

While we're at it, am I the only one who thinks the new TV season stinks? I mean, out of all the shows on TV and cable, I only watch a few -

The Middle
Warehouse 13
Hawaii Five-O
The Vampire Diaries
Dancing with the Stars (until Maks goes - then Mandy goes)

I still miss -

The Gates (I think that's the name of the show)

Okay, I feel better now! Just had to get it off my chest.


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