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Saturday, August 27, 2005


I had a great idea for what I was going to write about. It came to me as I was falling asleep the other night. I knew I should have written it down, because now I can’t remember what it was!

It is HOT HOT HOT. I am soooooooo sick of this heat. Winter, please hurry!

I received three copies of my book, Dude Ranch Bride, in Spanish today. It’s so much fun to receive foreign copies! I now have books in 12 different languages, which is so cool.

Readers often ask me where I get my ideas. I wish I knew! They just sort of come to me out of the blue. Beginnings are easy. I could write beginnings all day long. Endings, too. It’s filling up the middle that causes me trouble, since I’m not a particularly wordy writer.

The other night, my daughter-in-law IMd me and said she had just finished reading A WHISPER OF ETERNITY. She said she loved it and she loved Dominic. Always nice to hear! And I don’t think she was just saying it to be nice, since, if she didn’t like it, she didn’t have to say anything at all, since I didn’t know she was reading it. Does that make sense?

I’m loving my current work in progress. However, I’m fast approaching the dreaded middle, so that may change at any moment! And speaking of work, I guess I should get back to it.



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